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Youth MP Hamza tells House of Commons: ‘Never let doubt hold you back’

Youth MP wants the cost of public transport reviewed

20 November, 2016 — By Alina Polianskaya

Hamza Taouzzale at the House of Commons

WESTMINSTER’S new Member of Youth Parliament told young people not to let their doubts hold them back, in an inspiring speech at the House of Commons.

Hamza Taouzzale, who lives in Church Street, spoke at a debate on campaign priorities on Friday, attended by Youth MPs from all over the country.

The 16-year-old had successfully campaigned for Westminster Council to send a Youth MP to parliament, the first for years.

He said: “As soon as doubt creeps into our minds, everything fails… People doubted that we would be successful in our lives. But here we are.”

Hamza, who was voted in as Youth MP in March, added: “What I want to say and want to urge people, is don’t let doubt overtake you. We are stronger than that and we are better than that. We are the young people who, in the future, will be successful. We will make our country greater than it has ever been. We are the future. Just when doubt hits you, just tell it to go away.”

He added: “At the end of the day we are the best people we can possibly be and we want the best for our country.”

He said he supported lowering the cost of transport, after being chosen to speak on the topic by Speaker John Bercow.

During the sitting, where Youth MPs decided on campaign priorities for the year, Hamza said he felt “privileged” to live in Zone 1 and to live within walking distance of his own school.

But he sympathised with other Youth MPs in the chamber who spoke about the “ridiculous amount of money” others had to pay to “get an education, to go to college”.

“I think it is ridiculous to say that we should not campaign for lowering the cost of transport,” he said.

The Youth MPs voted to campaign to lower the voting age in 2017 and to campaign for a curriculum to prepare young people for life. Another issue that narrowly missed out as being a priority was a campaign against religious discrimination.

At the end of the debate Rob Wilson, minister for civil society, said “the future of this country is in safe hands”, while Speaker Bercow praised the passion of the young people and said they better represented the diversity of this country than the actual parliament.

For more information on getting involved in Westminster’s Youth Council or becoming the next Youth MP, visit: westminster.gov.uk/youth-council or email John Nolan at jnolan@westminster.gov.uk



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