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Your report about the care home being placed in special measures is no surprise

17 January, 2020

• IT’S not surprising Sanctuary Group has been accused of neglect/abuse against the elderly, (Police probe care home abuse claims, January 10). It’s not surprising either that the Labour opposition complained over a year ago, but to no avail.

For three years I, and others, have been complaining to them about Westminster’s homeless hostels (often inhabited by the mentally and physically ill) being forced, by council regulations, to lock windows, only open a few inches.

During last year’s heatwave, after my complaint to the environmental health team (extreme heat and toxicity of air, household fumes) they refused to even check the temperature.

Despite writing to their lawyers with extracts from Housing Health and Safety Rating System (heat and fire risks), still not a reply or change of policy. And I don’t expect any help from our new MP, either, the ex-council leader.



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