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You’ll still be able to enjoy snacks at pedestrianised Clerkenwell Green

06 October, 2017

Artist’s impression of a pedestrianised Green, looking towards Clerkenwell Close

• CONCERN is expressed that many drivers will be deprived of food and drink should the Clerkenwell Green pedestrianisation go ahead (No parking, no cars for historic Green, September 22).

Although the Green has a traditional snack bar and a contemporary fresh food takeaway, at lunchtime you can see a stream of workers walking to and from the large Waitrose and Tesco stores in St John Street. Both had queues of 50-odd people last Monday, and the nearby Pret a Manger is also busy.

Post-pedestrianisation, cabbies and other drivers that visit Scotti’s snack bar would still be able to do so if they are prepared to walk a short distance, about the same distance as the office workers visiting Waitrose and Tesco. All will be able to enjoy a Clerkenwell Green without parked cars or through traffic.

Highbury Grove, N5


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