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Will Lanah P be a Number 1 this Christmas?

Christmas is a haunted time of year but it's not all that bad to be on your own, says singer

08 December, 2017 — By The Xtra Diary

Lanah P. Photo: Diana Thompson

LANAH Pillay admits that despite Christmas being a capitalist construct she loves the good spiritedness that is around at this time of year.

Lanah, a popular face around the West End for many years, has a new single out, The Ghost of Christmas.

The song considers how the festive season can often be a haunted time of year for those who have lost loved ones in the past.

“I’ve always enjoyed Christmas, although think it’s a bit stupid,” Lanah tells Diary. “It’s a capitalist construction and I have all the usual and justified objections to consumerism and commercialisation of the story of a dead Palestinian from yonks ago. The child in the manger story, has been bulldozed into selling iPads, and whatever. But I enjoy the magic of it all, and I live for the spirit for Christmas throughout the life.

“I find there is good spiritedness around and it restores faith in humanity. The world is in the wrong right-wing paradigm and it seems as if those who are governing us are orchestrating the end of empathy. There is a culture of despise-ment towards doing good.

“I am proud non-religious spiritualist. I have always experienced things even without hallucination. But I do think Christmas is a haunted time. Loved ones do come round to people.”

Lanah added that despite media obsessing over loneliness at this time of year it was not all that bad to be carving up the turkey on your own.

She said: “What’s wrong with being brilliant company of yourself? Nobody is every alone. No Tran is an island.”


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