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Why shouldn’t toxic black cabs pay pollution charge?

08 February, 2019

Recent cabbies’ protest causes gridlock

• STOP Killing Cyclists – a grassroots campaign group calling for safer streets for people cycling – has launched a petition demanding that the Mayor of London end the unfair black cab exemptions from his pollution and congestion charges and it also calls for an end to black cab access to bus lanes when not ­carrying passengers.

For the last couple of months black cabs have staged repeated mass protests across London, bringing the city to a halt. They have held working Londoners hostage because black cabbies want to block councils and Transport for London making our streets safer and less polluted for people on buses, walking and cycling.

Black cabs emit a staggering 60 per cent of all car NOx [nitrogen oxides] pollution in London. They make up 40 per cent of cars in the congestion zone. Yet they only carry a tiny 1.5 per cent of daily trips in London. As even ambulances have to pay the pollution charge, the Mayor must end the unfair exemptions for black cabs, which emit up to 30 times the pollution of an equivalent private car.

As Sadiq Khan is serious about tackling the pollution, climate and congestion crises, then he must face down the blackcab bullies. If New York can impose congestion charges on cab-users, then London must do also.

For more information on the petition at: https://camdencyclists.org.uk/2019/02/apply-congestion-pollution-charges-to-blackcab-users/

Stop Killing Cyclists


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