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Why not select the next government by referendum?

06 December, 2018

• IT is easy in hindsight to see the 2016 referendum should have been a process to gauge opinion on whether government should explore the process of leaving the EU, rather than a mandate to undertake that change regardless of the consequences.

All the pro-Leave politicians are now careful to say that the deal on the table is the best which “delivers the result of the referendum”, clearly implying there will be a serious cost to our departure, but as we, the British people, have voted to leave the EU, now we have made our bed, we must lie in it.

Many of our politicians, who admit they consider leaving the EU was not a good thing, agree to toe the line since not to would, apparently, be an affront to our “democracy”.

Yet how can those same politicians rely so heavily upon a referendum result, when we have a system that votes in our government based on a “first-past-the-post” system, rather than one based upon proportional representation?

Turning it around the other way… having placed such reliance on a referendum result, on what may be our most important political decision of this century, should we not also be selecting our next government by means of a referendum?



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