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Why have they left this flat empty for so long?

30 March, 2018

An artist’s impression of the new-look market area in Church Street

• YOUR front-page report was really interesting, (‘Community to be priced out of area’, February 9). Will it stop families having to move way out of the area, as this has been happening a lot of the time?

One family were living in Lupus Street and in 2016, before the children broke up for summer holidays, the mother took two children from Pimlico School and two from St Gabriel’s School and moved aborad. Her husband worked away a lot and only came back to the family home now and again.

When they left, the mum said she was coming back at Christmas 2016 to give the keys back to the council. Well, it never happened. The children were very happy in their new home. The oldest girl was always on Facebook showing how happy they were there.

We have complained to CityWest Homes and the local housing office about the flat but they don’t want to know. What are they doing keeping a property for people who have not been here since 2016?

We have families who are desperate for a three-bedroom flat and cannot get one; and now they have struck off a family who have a very disabled child and a very sick dad because they will not move out of the area.

Yet they need to be here because they are under the hospital here and the child is at a special school here. So it doesn’t make sense. We have a three-bedroom maisonette lying empty with only furniture in it and waiting for the family to come back.



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