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Why go over the borders with news coverage?

30 August, 2019

• THE Westminster Extra front page lists the following areas covered: Victoria, Soho, Marylebone, Maida Vale, Bayswater, St John’s Wood and Kensington & Chelsea.

With the exception of the last area, this is to be welcomed. The Paddington Mercury is long gone, while the Wood & Vale prints few stories about St John’s Wood and Maida Vale.

The borough of Westminster is, of course, far bigger than the area surrounding the Houses of Parliament which comes to mind for most people when they hear this name.

Kensington & Chelsea is not part of the borough’s boundaries, and forms its own local authority area. There is therefore no need to include it in the Westminster Extra newspaper’s remit. It seems arbitrary and unnecessary.

There are many unique neighbourhoods in Westminster (with Paddington and Pimlico being distinct from Bayswater and Victoria) without needing to cross boundaries.

Westminster’s population of 255,000 is higher than that of the entire county of Herefordshire, which has three weekly newspapers. There is plenty of news from Westminster without needing to report on other boroughs.

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