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Why does the London Clinic have to evict its staff?

16 November, 2017

• THE London Clinic is one the largest private hospitals in the UK.

It has charitable status, like Eton and other public (that is, private fee-paying) schools and pays no taxes on its income.

Why does it have to evict its staff and sell Vernon House? (Nurses forced out of homes by Christmas, November 9).

Because, in the words of the spokesman: “As a charity, we have a responsibility to spend our money carefully and the proceeds of the sale will allow us to invest in our hospital for the benefit of our patients.”

Who are these patients? About 15 per cent are from overseas. The remainder will have private health insurance. It receives fees for private health care for all its patients. They need no charity!

Vernon House was donated to them! The donor is doubtless turning in their grave.




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