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Why do they insist on keeping petrol filling station in central London?

03 November, 2017

• WITH the death of the petrol station in central London, why is Westminster Council insisting on keeping them, particularly when residents around them do not want them?

It’s not just been an issue in Dorset House above the old petrol station on the corner of Gloucester Place and Marylebone Road (Fire disaster fears after petrol station cleared for housing block return, October 13), but also has been one on new development proposals like that along Cleveland Street and Clipstone Mews – to the residents of Holcroft Court.

Incredibly here the city council insisted on a petrol station being part of this development in the planning consent.

This is even more galling as car ownership has been dropping in central London wards since the beginning of the century and the rise of electric cars requires a different type of infrastructure altogether with more demand for plug-in points in London.

Can we not expect the council to acknowledge the concerns of residents when retaining petrol stations and move with the times with a presumption against any more filling stations remaining in City of Westminster with vehicle moving away from petrol?



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