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Who will take the low-status low-paid jobs in the future?

11 August, 2017

• YOUR reader Jan Pollock (Sick note, July 21) need not worry any longer about what may come out of the claimed dominance of the UK by the EU as it is replaced by the dominance of the UK by the US that the Brextremist/Ukip-wing of our government appear to favour.

A ready-made answer seems to present itself in a YouGuv poll published on August 1 (The ‘extremists’ on both sides of the Brexit debate), out of which neither Leave nor Stay voters emerge with much credit.

It tells us Leave voters would be content for our country’s economy to take a severe hit plus family members to lose their jobs just so long as the UK leaves the EU on whatever terms.

With this kind of hang-the-consequences in mind, we can surely expect those holding such views to volunteer members of their own families to take up the low-status plus low-paid work that native Brits will not do.

So our creaking National Health Service, social services, etc, will not collapse after all because this will all be done by those volunteered by their fathers, mothers, grandparents, and so on, will be doing the jobs.



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