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Who put L in Deliveroo?

21 July, 2017

• IS it so very wrong for me to expect to be able to cross my own street without being mown down by a learner-badged Deliveroo driver on a moped?

These two-wheeled fiends, in many cases yet to pass their driving tests, forever tear along our highways like Valentino Rossi without regard to the rules of the road.

And all of this to make the next drop off with the urgency of a man who has just discovered that his wife has gone into labour.

But alas this delivery is not a firstborn but most likely some kind of culinary delight like a chilli-soaked kebab and chips or a freshly baked pizza.

Perhaps the marketing gurus at Deliveroo should capitalise upon the inexperience of their riders.

They could do this by integrating the red learner badge sign as the third letter in their own corporate logo.

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