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Who needs a 4×4 for a supermarket trip?

04 April, 2019

Cartoon by John Sadler

• IT is true, seemingly more than 50 per cent of cars in London are 4x4s and massive 4×4 estate vehicles, (Size matters when it comes to parking – I should pay less, March 28). The only off-roading these do is in the car park of Sainsbury’s.

The rest are extra-large saloon cars, Mercedes, Audios, BMWs and in the most traffic-congested city in the UK there are very few city cars. But letter writer Roland Grimm is paying a fraction of the permit cost than the “monsters” have to pay.

Resident car parking permits are charged from £100 for a city car (like his Nissan Micra) per year upwards, increasing significantly depending on the engine size of the car and all permits are now to be increased by 70 per cent.



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