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Where are those dispossessed by austerity going to end up?

03 November, 2017

• I READ with pleasure the succinctness of your reader’s letter (Here’s an idea, use homes as places for people to live in, October 27).

May I add a touch of dessert?

Again, I have to refer to the idea of “rotten boroughs”, as exemplified by a previous contributor to your Letters pages.

Taking the City of Westminster as an example, and with respect to vacant homes, the truth is that many social housing estates are becoming entrapped into a Tory party political policy of gentrification.

Gentrification is an austerity policy being deployed throughout the UK in all boroughs.

Through various tax stealth methods being levied on the poor, social housing estate structures, that is, whole communities, at the top end of the welfare state, are being dismantled (but not being rebuilt as such).

Indeed, the entire welfare state, paid for by the taxpayer – state schools and hospitals included – are being systematically cherry-picked and removed from use.

This “abortion” of the taxpayers is being done in many ways, land-grabs, delay in payment of housing benefit compulsory purchase of lesser-owned council stock, to name a few.

But, where are the thousands of UK citizens being dispossessed through austerity going to go?

The idea that the Labour Party, and others, tout to voters that the Tories want, or will settle for, a “hard Brexit” lends weight to the concept of a deregulated, few jobs, tax haven, Britain, becoming a home for the rich and foreign investors, becomes a reality.

And, in light of the above, that would be a nightmare.

Relatives of mine were “disappeared” in Auschwitz in 1944.

I tend to view Tory party policies against the poor in that light, I’m afraid.



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