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When tenants need help, it should be available

08 June, 2018

• IN relation to the recent story of a pedestrian suffering a head injury from a radiator being thrown out of a building, on bank holiday Monday I, and others, witnessed a sofa/futon being thrown from a balcony on the sixth floor of the Lillington Gardens estate in Pimlico.

The item, and other pieces thrown, landed in a public grass area, breaking up on impact. This area is used by the public, where people were sunbathing and children use it to play.

I phoned the landlord CityWest Homes to report the incident and also make them aware that I had reported it to the police. The operator told me to phone back on the Tuesday as nobody from CityWest Homes was on duty over the bank holiday weekend.

I explained to the operator that it was an important issue as someone could have suffered a serious injury or even possibly a fatality from such an action but was told to phone back the next day. I also reported it online and they replied – later in the week – with a reference number.

I do not see why CityWest Homes have an out-of-hours emergency number but fail to provide an on-duty estate officer to deal with situations that arise and which their tenants may need help with. Is this more evidence of reduced services by this company and disregard for the residents?

Lillington Gardens Estate, Pimlico


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