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What’s so funny about ‘toilet humour’?

08 February, 2019

• AS an occasional listener to BBC Radio, especially Radio 4, I have been surprised and horrified by the amount of swearing, bad language and “toilet humour” that is served up in its so-called comedy programmes. Those broadcast during the early evening are likely to be heard by people eating their supper and so can present an unpleasant and distressing distraction.

This is also a time of day when children are likely to be around. These programmes convey to them that such language is acceptable, trendy and even amusing. Personally, I had outgrown such humour while still at infants’ school. It therefore sounds strange to hear adult men and women using this “language of the playground”.

Earlier in the year, one radio comedy consisted almost entirely of references to defecation. The same topic popped up in a recent episode of The Archers. Presumably the programme controllers find it all hilarious. Yet complaining to the BBC gets us nowhere as all we receive is a standard pre-written reply.



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