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What next for the ‘Gay Hussar’?

Cornerstone of dining for tub-thumping progressives, which closed in June last year, still lies silent

18 January, 2019 — By The Xtra Diary

The Hungarian restaurant in Soho shut its doors last year

AFTER a momentous week in parliament, it struck Diary as particularly sad to see the favoured gossip-sharing watering hole the Gay Hussar boarded up and looking very sorry for itself.

The Hungarian restaurant in Soho, where Labour Party intrigues were played out over decades, closed in June 2018 and, as our picture shows, doesn’t appear to be reopening any time soon.

Those walls had heard discussions between the likes of Michael Foot and Tom Driberg, Nye Bevan and Barbara Castle and Illtyd Harrington, and numerous intrigue-chasing journalists.

A grand shame that such a cornerstone of dining for tub-thumping progressives still lies silent – after the Brexit defeat of the government on Tuesday, and the vote of no confidence on Wednesday,

Labour MPs could surely have done with some of the Hussar’s famous chilled wild cherry soup.

If the left-wing Tribune newspaper can be given a new lease of life, then surely someone out there can step in, buy the old dear off its owners, Corus Hotels, and get the goulash back on the stove.

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