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What is it about Tom Bower’s book that so upset John Gulliver?

21 February, 2019

Tom Bower

• WHAT is it about Tom Bower’s book on Jeremy Corbyn that so upset John Gulliver, (How low can the low-down get? February 14)?

I am no particular defender of Bower, I have never met the man, but I have read several of his splendidly researched books.

Gulliver rather disdainfully refers to Bower’s education (“first class” and “he knows a thing or two about education”) as though he were somehow privileged, when in fact Bower was state-educated at William Ellis, followed by LSE. He also points out that he lives in Hampstead.

It is probably true that as an investigative journalist Bower has become a rich man, while Gulliver has continued to file his weekly column.

Could it be that there is a touch of envy here, or is Gulliver piqued that Bower’s portrayal of Corbyn is less than flattering? If that is so, it is well deserved.

I and many of my friends are life-long Labour supporters, but we are all irritated that Corbyn shares one unenviable quality with Theresa May: that of stubbornness.

She steadfastly refuses to allow any way through the Brexit debacle, while Corbyn stubbornly hangs on as Labour leader and deprives us of having an effective opposition. Perhaps John Gulliver should have a quiet word with his friend Jeremy.

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