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What happened to Highbury East’s much-missed forums?

07 December, 2018

• SOMETHING has changed in Highbury East since the local elections in May. Before the elections we had regular ward partnership meetings with our councillors. Now we have none. The last such meeting was in March. Since then we have had just one “resident engagement meeting” about Highbury Corner redevelopment.

With a shooting in Highbury Crescent in the summer, overt drug-dealing around Highbury Fields, the fire at the leisure centre, ongoing works at Highbury Corner and the threatened closure of Sotheby Mews, there are many issues concerning residents of Highbury East. The ward partnership meetings were a useful forum to share information and they are much missed.

Highbury East councillors have carried out a consultation on ward partnership meetings with the aim of making them more responsive to residents’ needs, but have still not announced a date for the next meeting. If there are no meetings, then it is hard to respond to anyone’s needs. What has changed since May 2018 that means these useful meeting have stopped happening?

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