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What a state we are in!

31 July, 2020

• NO one living in the UK today could help but think, as I do, that the British Isles is becoming a gradually evolving tax haven where the rules of democracy will only apply to those countries which have the money to invest in us.

Have Boris Johnson and his cronies forgotten and /or dispensed with the first point of a democracy – that it is indigenous taxpayers that run the show?

It is we, the millions of taxpayers living and working in the UK, that pay for the food on the plates of elected élites, the clothes on their backs, and the roofs over their heads.

The taxpayer has a right to expect a return of a government which has the citizens’ best interest in mind. Who could agree with a parliament that disobeys its own rules, avoids scrutiny, enacts “policy on the hoof”?

And now we must contend with what is looking like a Johnson assault on EU states for not agreeing with UK terms for leaving. Shame on you Johnson.



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