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20 December, 2019

• I WAS disappointed to read that Paul Braithwaite seemed to misinterpret much of what I had spoken about at the Central London Walking Network seminar, (When it comes to pedestrians not all politicians are equal, December 6).

My remarks made no mention of “keeping traffic moving” to the detriment of pedestrians. In fact I spoke at length about the many ongoing and upcoming plans to transform Westminster’s public spaces for all to use.

With more than one million visitors each day, Westminster is an immensely busy city with its own set of unique challenges. So, when it comes to managing something of this scale, our job is to carefully make logical and long-lasting changes where needed.

To name but a few ongoing council plans for a better city, we’re working on the redevelopment of key public realm projects such as Strand Aldwych and Oxford Street, transforming these famously congested streets and walkways into easily usable and pedestrian-friendly places to not only travel through, but to visit and enjoy.

To Mr Braithwaite I would say that, while bold and creative ambitions may seem great on paper, the management of a historic and bustling city like Westminster is not always about jumping to make big and drastic changes but about listening to local residents and businesses about what they truly want and need.

Stakeholder engagement has been, and remains, a priory for me and for the council, and through collaboration, we’re making positive steps towards making Westminster a cleaner, greener and safer city for all.

Westminster Council
Deputy Leader


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