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We too have had screeching seagulls here in Soho

04 August, 2017

Seagulls tucking into leftover food in Church Street

• FURTHER to the article on page 3 of the July 28 Westminster Extra (‘Arrogant’ seagulls plague Church Street) it is not just Church Street that is being plagued by a colony of gulls.

For the second year running gulls have nested and raised young on the chimney tops of Brewer Street in Soho. Residents are used to noise, but the pre dawn chorus of screeching gulls drowns out the sound of even the heartiest revellers, and the daily bottle collection doesn’t even compare.

We have had weeks of disrupted sleep. Last week (finally) the young gulls fledged and the colony has dispersed – much to the relief of residents.

However, gulls return to their previous nesting sites so unless a solution is found, residents face another few months of noise and disruption next year…



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