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We should be looking at ways the identity of Soho could be improved

14 April, 2017

Molly Moggs in Soho

• I READ the article about the sudden closure of Molly Moggs (Shutters up at Molly Moggs, April 7) the latest in a slew of articles that cite the identity of Soho as an unquestioned virtue.

I beg to differ. Is that permitted? I ask because entirely absent from comment on such issues is the possibility the identity of Soho might be improved.

Can I be the only person in the world who considers Soho something of a cesspit?

Drugs, prostitution, beggars, buggers, thieves and fiends of various descriptions are not quite so charming for those of us who live with late-night noise, the stench of urine, the litter of drug paraphernalia, and so on and so on.

These constitute plain and simple anti-social behaviour that wouldn’t be tolerated anywhere outside of Soho.

So sad though it may be that the shutters are up at Molly Moggs but commenting upon it perhaps you could resist reaching for lazy absolutes, like the idea Soho should be afforded special dispensation from standards residents might expect anywhere else.

Berwick Street


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