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We now suffer pollution, danger, and more from motorbike deliveries

03 November, 2017

• THE autumn air reveals just how contaminated London’s atmosphere has been allowed to become.

And the situation has worsened with the addition of delivery motorbikes onto our roads. We now see youths with L-plates riding up and down, searching for the addresses to which they must deliver.

The fumes stay with us long after they have sped by. And some pollutants can evidently be absorbed through skin.

The decline in foot police has resulted in many young motorcyclists never being challenged and so riding where they please such as pavements and pedestrian precincts. Their bikes stand outside our culture of surveillance, with number plates damaged, muddied, bent or even absent.

The motorcycle industry is lucrative and produces some bikes that look like weapons more suited to a war zone than a high street. You get the impression nobody has ever bothered to think through all these issues.



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