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We need action now on towers fire safety

30 March, 2018

Should not all our towers in Westminster have fire safety assurance documents in their front lobby like we have in this Queens Square, Bayswater block?

• THE Westminster Extra is right to cover all the various concerns around Grenfell Tower in the adjoining borough to us, as many of our towers in Westminster are only the other side of the Westway from Grenfell Tower.

Almost a year since the disaster, the towers in Little Venice have barely received information regarding fire safety and the fire exits in such circumstances.

In Little Venice we have four towers – Hall, Braithwaite, Parsons and Stuart – and we need to give their residents reassurances about their fire safety.

Residents in these blocks are concerned for their safety and there are no clear instructions for how to react in a fire, as well as the current status of fire doors that are already in place.

So, for example, with the recent fire door probe by the Met police telling us that the Grenfell Towers doors “resisted fire for half the time expected”, we need further testing of all our towers’ fire doors as soon as possible to reassure residents.

The industry has suggested “legacy of neglect means fire doors might not stop another Grenfell”. Therefore we need immediate action taken to reassure all residents living in our towers that their safety is our paramount concern.

The Tories have done nothing to serve these residents, their best interests, or make this top of the agenda for the residents in the blocks.

So it is time for public fire safety assurance documentation to be displayed in the front lobby of our towers, as it is clearly done in other smaller blocks in the city.

If it can be done in small blocks in Bayswater why not in the towers across Westminster like in Little Venice? In the event of being elected as your councillors, by you on May 3, we will certainly make sure that is the case.

Labour candidates for Little Venice ward


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