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We need a purge on badly behaved cyclists

24 January, 2019

• WITH the ongoing natural concern over the number of cycle deaths on London roads, I do not find Dr Greg Carson’s comments helpful, (Let’s not miss the point about fatalities of cyclists, January 17).

Over and over again I have seen the stupid way in which most cyclists seem to behave. In any traffic jam they weave in and out between cars, lorries and buses, and go up the inside of vehicles between them and the kerb. Even with lights at red, they ignore them causing potential accidents.

And why after all the reports of cyclists injured or killed by lorries turning left, do they still insist on going up the inside? However many mirrors a driver may have, there will always be a blind spot. Many cyclists bring tragedy on themselves by being so impatient they refuse actually to stop and wait.

The “boxes” painted on roads at traffic lights are sensible if used properly, but many cyclists go even beyond the box stop line, or don’t bother to stop at all. And the number of cyclists riding around at dusk or at night without lights is horrendous.

Police have more than enough to do with shortages, but I do wish occasionally they would have a real purge on cyclists breaking the law and ensure that misdemeanours and hopefully, fines, are widely reported in the national and London media. One-way streets, red lights, pedestrian crossings, darkness – so what: they ignore them all.

Thurlow Road, NW3


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