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We just do not need HS2

17 January, 2019

‘Why are our political parties in favour of this nightmare?’

• WHILE walking down Kentish Town High Street I saw there was a very long queue of traffic going towards Camden Town, very little coming up north.

In fact I did my shopping and noticed that the traffic had hardly moved. From what I could gather it was road works, which made me think of HS2 and the amount of traffic that will ensue!

Why are our political parties in favour of this nightmare? As Paul Braithwaite wrote: we’re paying a high price for an unwanted train set, (HS2’s impact on our lives is only just beginning, January 4).

It is also completely unnecessary since the train to Birmingham from Mary­lebone station takes only 15 minutes more than the dreaded HS2.

Why insist on an unnecessary expensive project at a time when we can least afford it?



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