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We have the best-run council in the country

14 April, 2017

• TWO letters in the April 7 West End Extra had a common theme, how residents perceive their councillors.

The first (Library workers are in despair) accused Councillor David Harvey of being “either naive or ill-informed.” The truth is the reverse. He is a realist and a tireless worker.

Our elected Westminster Council leader Nickie Aiken recognises that, contrary to popular opinion, many of our residents are poor. The council tries very hard to maintain high standards while keeping the council tax as affordable as possible.

When councillors are selected it’s difficult to know how responsive they will be to the residents concerns in practice. Like Mr M of Bayswater (Contact with councillors) I receive no response from some councillors but, on the whole here in Westminster we have the best-run council in the country.

Charing Cross Road, WC2


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