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We don’t need this overdevelopment at Church Street

31 May, 2019

An artist’s sketch hints at the scale of one of the project options

Open letter to Westminster Council leader Nickie Aiken

• THIS is a shocking plan for Church Street but further overbuilding in an area which has borne the brunt of the West End Quay, Crompton Street and flats additions almost completed opposite the latter.

The buses are full up and down Edgware Road, also Lisson Grove, and traffic is already grinding to a crawl along all these roads and also the Marylebone Road.

To increase the density of flats is totally flawed as the numbers of people there will grow exponentially.

There is also the poisonous car fumes we breathe in day after day and people wonder why asthma is still upward-trending and non-smokers are getting lung cancer.

Until you get electric cars and hybrids and charging points on stream in vast numbers we are slowly being poisoned by carbon and monoxide emissions and residents may sue the city council if this is visited on them.

Also our National Health Service will be overstretched and require extra funding to cope. You will also need more schools and other infrastructure to sustain this massive rebuild!

It really is time to think this rebuilding plan for Church Street. Remember what happened to Lisson Green! There are plenty of areas in England where homes are needed so there is plenty of scope.

Wharncliffe Gardens Estate, NW8


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