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We do not need ‘luxury’ towers, let alone on the Paddington Green nick site

08 January, 2021

The Paddington Green Site. Photo: The Lud, Wikimedia Commons

• THE first consultation for the development of the Paddington Green police station site has just concluded, though it was not publicised very well.

This proposal includes two further towers of luxury apartments even larger than the tower nearing completion at the neighbouring site of West End Gate.

These towers will match the horrendously large, 45-storey, tower already given council permission across the road at the corner of Harrow Road at One Merchant Square.

Despite the fact that at the beginning of 2019 more than half of the luxury apartments built in London had not been sold, Westminster Council continues to give permission for these unsightly monsters.

Prices start at £1million and though some proposals claim an affordable number most Londoners know that affordable is not for them.

It is such a shame that the Mayor of London and the GLA had to sell the Paddington Green site and could not have used it to provide the much-needed social housing for the many local people living in poor and overcrowded conditions.

These ugly towers of empty luxury are a continuing insult to the hard-working Londoners desperate for a decent home.

Marylebone Road, NW1


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