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We can all have a say in shaping Highbury East’s future

14 December, 2018

• AS Islington Labour councillors for Highbury East, we are determined to make sure all residents have opportunities to shape the future of their community, and that ward events encourage the widest possible participation, (What happened to our much-missed forums? December 7).

On being elected, and long before that as residents who care about their neighbours and community, we often heard from local people that many were unaware of the old meetings, could be put off by the format and wanted to see some fresh issues discussed in different ways.

That’s why we have asked residents how we can improve these local meetings, including through an online survey and by consulting with people at local events.

The conversations we had at the fun day in Highbury Quadrant, which we helped to fund, were really positive and showed a keen desire from people to be involved in their community. It was especially rewarding that the people we spoke to were from a broad range of backgrounds.

We are sure we can all agree that ensuring a diverse range of people are contributing to discussions about their community is a good thing.

We will be organising events in the new year, building on the feedback we have received, which will reflect the community’s desire for engaging and useful opportunities for the broadest range of people to contribute to the conversation about their area.

We are glad that people have noticed changes since the election, and if any Highbury East residents have suggestions, please do contact us. Meanwhile, watch this space!

Labour, Highbury East


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