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We are keeping up the campaigning for Nazanin

14 March, 2019

Volunteer Young Kyung Hahn at work in the Nazanin garden in Hampstead

• SO Jeremy Hunt will give Nazanin Ratcliffe diplomatic immunity! My heart missed a beat as I heard the news the other morning.

It’s taken our foreign office three years to reach this decision and three years of campaigning by Richard Radcliffe to get his wife, Nazanin, and daughter, Gabriella, released and returned to West Hampstead.

I can’t image that the Iranian authorities will suddenly have a change of heart and send Nazanin home, but it will open more doors to get support on the world stage through the United Nations.

For the past few years I have created a garden on Hampstead Green to keep Nazanin in our thoughts. This year I have planted it with daffs and seed for wild flowers, helped by a friend, Young Kyung Hahn, who was visiting from Korea.

On good days, weatherwise, folk come and sit by the garden and can read a up-to-date news about Nazanin, hopefully transmitting their support and love for this local family.

Volunteer gardener
RFH charity, campaign for Nazanin’s release


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