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Watch out, there’s much litigation about for HS2

03 August, 2017

• YOUR leader article on the HS2 project (Act quickly, Comment, July 27) raises valuable points but we should remember that it is very likely that, however much the managers of HS2 remind us of the devastation they will cause, that will not stop them from being responsible in law.

I can see a constant procession of cases in the courts for a wide range of problems, inadequacies and failures, loss of quiet enjoyment and so on.

These ongoing costs will apply to people all the way to the Midlands up to Birmingham, passing through various Tory voting constituencies.

In the event that any insurance company is “courageous” enough to provide cover for these risks, the cost of the premiums, which will be very considerable, must be accounted for now in the project costs, or alternatively, independent estimates of uninsured costs must be entered up.

HS2 is scientifically bankrupt, principally using technology from the last century except for the rails which derive from the 19th century.

The Japanese are way ahead with their 375mph maglev scheme and Elon Musk’s technology, now cutting metal, may well make that redundant.

By the time the court costs suggested above roll in, the project will be running at an estimate nearer to £100billion than the currently quoted figure of £55billion.

I believe that the lunacy of this ill-conceived nonsense may well determine the outcome of the 2020 general election.



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