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Voters must say no to austerity

12 May, 2017

• THE Tories want the election fought on Brexit so it is not fought on their record in government or their plans for the future.

A recent report by the Health Foundation showed half of last year’s NHS “cash injection” went straight to private providers. A Tory victory on June 8 means accelerating privatisation and an ever-worsening crisis in the NHS.

Similarly, with education. Ask teachers, and the Tories’ planned spending cuts will have a detrimental effect on the education of millions of children in Britain.

Latest figures from the Tressel Trust show nearly 1.2million people are dependent on foodbanks. The figure is rising fast. The Tories’ Housing and Planning Act aims to end security of tenure for council tenants, turn housing associations into private landlords which can (and many will) charge market or near-market rents and rapidly accelerate the demolition of whole council estates and replace them with luxury housing.

It goes on. The public sector one per cent pay freeze, hundreds of thousands forced into zero-hours contracts, massive cuts in care, attacks on disabled people… the Tories and their former Coalition partners call this austerity.

Labour has pledged to repeal the Housing and Planning Act, stop the privatisation of the NHS, reverse spending cuts in education and end austerity. On June 8 vote no to austerity, cuts and privatisation.



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