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Vehicles are more dangerous than cyclists

14 March, 2019

• ONE of your correspondents writes of “cyclists who endanger everybody… riding on the pavement” etc, but he provides no statistics, (What about fines for cyclists who are a danger?, Letters, online).

The last time I checked (2009) I found: number of pedestrians killed on pavements by cyclists was three over a 10-year period. And by motor vehicles, 40 in just one year, and that’s just on pavements.

Not just the stats, but common sense tells us that motor vehicles are hugely more dangerous than cyclists. Drivers are encased in protective boxes designed to withstand massive impacts. Cyclists are totally exposed, and the slightest knock could cause a tumble resulting in broken bones or worse.

Self-preservation alone means that cyclists are extremely motivated to avoid colliding with anything or anyone. Of course, no road user should abuse the rules of the road, but fining cyclists will achieve nothing.

If the letter-writer is serious about making our roads safer for everyone he should be getting behind calls for tougher penalties for dangerous motorists. They are the true bringers of injury and death to our roads.

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