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Using a ‘body-count’ approach to measuring a road’s safety is wrong

09 March, 2018

North Circular camera Picture: Martin addison, creative commons

• REGARDING speeding in Harrow Road, according to my researches it was the London Safety Camera Partnership who, in 2001, established the criterion that two or more people must first be killed or seriously injured within a year or so for a speed camera to be set up at a particular site.

So the users of Harrow Road are obliged to wait for two or more crashes to occur before such a camera can be installed. This anti-life “body-count” approach to law enforcement deserves greater scrutiny if communities are obliged to wait for a road horror before our laws against speeding can be properly enforced.

What are the views of residents? What about the parents of small children? And what are the attitudes, if any, of the local churches and other places of worship that are supposed to be pro-life?

It has been found in some parts of London, such as the North Circular Road, that speed cameras can reduce road collisions by a third. There are also now cameras available that can photograph the face of an offending driver as well as his or her vehicle.



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