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Unsolved mystery of man’s Regent Street bus stop death

Heart attack victim could not be identified say police

10 November, 2017 — By William McLennan

An e-fit of the dead man 

THIS is the face of the “man with no name” that police have not been able to identity more than a decade after he collapsed and died in the West End.

Officers fear that the man, who fell ill at a bus stop in Regent’s Street just a few days before Christmas 2006, has a family who do not know what became of their loved one.

In an attempt to finally bring an end to the 11-year mystery, police yesterday (Thursday) released an e-fit image in the hope that someone might come forward with the vital missing piece of the puzzle.

The man, who is believed to be in his fifties or ear- ly sixties, was not carrying any documentation or photographs, so officers were forced to resort to building an electronic composite of his facial features to release to the public.

Despite the network of CCTV cameras that cover the West End, officers have never been able to learn exactly where he set off from that morning. He got off the number 15 bus, which travels between Paddington and Eastbourne Terrace, at the junction with Carlton Street at around 11am on December 16, 2006. He collapsed at the bus stop and police on patrol responded to panicked calls as paramedics made their way to the scene. He was taken to hospital, where he was later pronounced dead, having suffered a heart attack.

PC Luke Flint, from Westminster Borough, said: “This is a very sad case in which not only has a man lost his life close to Christmas, but it is still possible that his family do not know that he has died.”

He told the Westminster Extra: “He had nothing on him, which was very unusual – there was no ID, not even a set of keys. We have absolutely no idea who he is.”

DNA samples have been processed by forensic scientists, but failed to provide a hit with anyone on the police database.

PC Flint added: “We have tried all different homeless shelters, in case he was homeless, and no one seems to recognise him. We have gone all around London.”

The man was described as around 5ft 4ins tall, of slim build, with grey hair and a distinctive “widow’s peak” hairline. According to the Missing Persons Bureau, at the time of his death the man was wearing a black Puffa jacket, green crew-neck jumper, blue striped trainers, grey trousers, a blue shirt and a grey wooly hat.

Anyone with information is asked to contact officers on 0207 321 7694 or via 101.

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