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Tube noise: it’s unbearable even without my hearing aid

25 January, 2019

• YOUR focus on noise pollution – at certain lengths of the Underground – is most important and welcome, (Northern Line tube racket like being at a rock concert, January 17).

To add to the section your reporter measured on the Northern line, I have often found that between Baker Street and St John’s Wood is harshly noisy so that even if I take off my hearing aid it is still aggressive. The Jubilee is an excellent line, but it is a pity that this noise hazard exists.

Another hostile noise hazard is from many motorcycles (not all – which shows it is not inescapable) and a few cars (usually the more expensive ones) which seem to provide their drivers and riders with some kind of display of aggression.

Such vehicles could very likely be discovered at the MOT and exhausts modified to reduce rather than increase damaging noise.

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