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Traffic trial inquiry: residents welcome independent inspector

03 March, 2017

• CAMDEN’S cabinet has voted for a “voluntary public inquiry” into the Tavistock traffic trial.

Bloomsbury Residents Action Group has campaigned that residents matter and no less so then when it comes to arbitrary traffic planning. Many residents considered the way the council tackled “consultation” greatly favoured the views of “passers through” over the interests of the local community.

This is why BRAG objected to the flawed consultation process. Our community walks, runs, cycles, trundles through our streets and those that can’t often rely on vehicular transport.

BRAG brought to the council’s attention the views of people the council are paid to care for. Residents are waking up to the fact that they really do matter and that simply being dumbed down by a faulty decision process is not acceptable.

That said, we thank the council for the opportunity to make a “deputation” to the cabinet meeting.

Camden acknowledged flaws in the process:

• that there had not been enough engagement with the emergency services, particularly London Ambulance Service;

• that there had been inadequate air quality monitoring in the streets around the scheme which now suffer fumes from displaced traffic;

• that the overwhelming majority of respondents to the exercise were from outside our community and that responses should be weighted accordingly.

We have been invited to take part in the inquiry and would welcome views from other like-minded local groups who want residents’ interests to be taken seriously.

We welcome the fact the inquiry will be chaired by an independent inspector, and are reassured by the borough solicitor that the inquiry will also consider alternatives put forward by BRAG.

Deputy chair


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