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Town Hall sets up ‘Amazon wish list’ for Afghan refugees

Appeal goes out for help

14 September, 2021 — By Richard Osley

THE Town Hall has appealed for donations to help newly arrived Afghan refugees fleeing the return of the Taliban.

It has set up an “Amazon wish list” where people can order essentials that will go directly to people who have left the conflict zone with nothing. These include basics like deodorant, toothpaste, hairbrushes and socks.

In addition, donation “hubs” are being set up across the borough and volunteers are being sought to help run them.

Camden also wants translators and interpreters who may be able to help to come forward.

In the New Journal, council leader Georgia Gould has asked residents to “open our arms” again to refugees from Afghan­istan and other conflicts. She said that welcoming them enriched the borough. While she said she was proud of local relief efforts, more money was needed from the government to cover the cost.

You can find the list of products and make donations HERE

A number of the Afghans who recently arrived in the UK are being housed in Camden. Meanwhile, a statement from the Camden Faith Leaders Forum – the group that brings together people from different religions in the borough – appealed for generosity in a time of crisis.

“Refugees are currently quarantining in hotels in London where they are getting the immediate support they need,” the message from co-chairs Abdul Hai and Phil Rosenberg said.

“However, in the coming weeks and months, we know further support will be required including housing, health, food, education and welfare. “ome of this support will come from central and local government, but we will also need the support of our faith communities and partners in the voluntary and community sector to ensure we can offer the best help for families as they begin to rebuild their lives here.”

If you are an organisation that has a volunteer network that can help, please email CommunityResponse@Camden.gov.uk


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