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Top Gun fan Alejandra Francisco wants to become RAF fighter pilot

Westminster Academy is off to Manchester after results joy

12 July, 2019 — By Briony Pickford

 Margherita Boatto, Kyle Princess Marzan, Genan Mirza, Marina Montero-Cabrera, Alejandra Francisco celebrate their results 

SIXTH form student Alejandra Francisco is jetting off to Manchester to follow her dream of becoming a fighter pilot for the Royal Air Force.

The 18-year-old, who has finished her studies at Westminster Academy, has got a place studying engineering at the University of Manchester.

She said she had decided on the unusual career path after discovering the meaning of her name, “Defender of Mankind”.

Alejandra said: “I aspire to be someone who can be of use to the world and one of the most important roles of fighter pilots is to provide humanitarian help to those that desperately need it most, and I believe that is one of the most self- less acts you could do as a career. My perspective of the world changes massively once I am in the sky, it’s just an exhilarating feeling overall.”

She added: “When I first discovered the meaning the first job that came into my mind was a fighter pilot.”

Alejandra, who since Year 10 became a Flight Sergeant for Westminster Academy, is also a big fan of the 1980s Tom Cruise movie Top Gun. She has been instrumental in launching the school’s first RAF Cadets squadron and has become well-known for her leadership skills. One of Alejandra’s main inspirations was meeting Wing Commander Andy Green for her first flight experience with the Air Cadets.

She said: “He inspired me through his many accomplishments. He currently holds the world land speed record.”

Flying is not Alejandra’s only interest.

She said: “I love travelling, I think it is one of the most wonderful things one can do in their spare time. I am also very passion- ate about volunteering, it is a great way to meet interesting people from different walks of life; listening to people’s stories is such a nice way to learn about the world.”

The Westminster Academy pupil has already got her results after taking The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP). The European system has allowed her to split academic and practical learning, with opportunities such as a three-week expedition to the Yukon territory in Canada with the British Exploring Society.

She has also supported vulnerable women in the community through volunteering with the Mosaic Community Trust.


WESTMINSTER Academy will be sending students to some of the top universities in the country following the release of their International Baccalaureate (IB) exam results, writes Briony Pickford.

The IB allows students to blend career-based courses with more vocational challenges – and it has led to many
students securing places at some of the top universities in the country.

The school – which was created out of North Sisters Pilar and Maise with their exam results Westminster Community School when it closed in 2006 – is sending Maria-Minodora Grosu to University of Oxford to study English and French. She scored 42 out of 45 points across six subjects in the IB Diploma Programme.

Kyle Princess Marzan, who is off to join the apprenticeship programme at Wates Construction, said: “Ever since I arrived at Westminster Academy in Year 10, with limited English, the teachers have really helped me. They know me well and know what I have been through, so it has been great to have their support through the sixth form.”

Principal Dr Saima Rana said: “The achievements and destinations of our Year 13 graduates reflect our immense pride in being able to provide a world-class IB programme, giving them the option to take whichever pathway they choose at the end of their Westminster Academy education.”

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