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Time for a party…

29 March, 2019 — By The Xtra Diary

The Dig It soundsystem at the Brexit march 

AND so to the streets of the West End where on Saturday an estimated one million people meandered from Park Lane to Whitehall to call for a fresh referendum on Brexit – and a lot more besides, it seems.

Many marchers said they were there to say revoke Article 50 and be done with it, while others had placards calling for a general election.

Diary noted that on top of all this serious politicking, the march was used as a very good excuse for a mobile sound system (pictured above).

Called Dig It, and built on a tricycle complete with dancing robots dressed in the European Union flags, it was brought out and entertained the crowds with a vast array of party tunes.

Judging by the enthusiastic response from those who shimmied alongside Dig It, taking to the streets to campaign for a cause has never been so much fun…

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