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Those who lost the EU referendum are in denial

07 June, 2019

• I READ the most ridiculous letter I have ever read in Westminster Extra… quote: “Brexiteers have had three years to deliver Brexit and have failed”, (People do not want to surrender to a policy that is damaging the country! May 31). In the immortal words of John McEnroe – You cannot be serious!

I don’t know how closely your correspondent has been following all this but it seems to have escaped his notice that Brexiteers have been pleading for the result of the referendum to be implemented for three years but have been vilified, side-lined and thwarted by the losers having a super-tantrum and repeatedly driving the whole process into a ditch in a desperate effort to stop it happening.

Sabotaging Brexit while simultaneously blaming those who want it to happen for it not happening exhibits an Alice-in-Wonderland level of self-deluded hypocrisy and blindness to his own motivations that it is hard to believe your correspondent did not intend his remarks as a joke.

Going on to compare those who won the referendum with third world dictators because they want the result to be implemented (how dare they!) merely compounds the illogic.

It is people in denial who cannot accept that they lost a vote and refuse to step aside gracefully who are behaving like third world despots. They should give way and allow those who wish to leave the EU to implement the result of the referendum.

It was the “wrong” answer to a public vote as the losers now desperately claim: it is a decision making process and if the decision can be ignored it descends to the level of a quiz – so why vote at all?

Anyone is entitled to campaign to reverse the decision of the referendum if they wish but not until the result of the last one has been implemented.

Brewer Street, W1


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