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Things are getting fruity in Soho…

20 February, 2017

David Bieda’s apple tree at his restored Georgian townhouse in Dean Street

THE centre of Soho is not the usual place you would hope to find a blooming apple tree, but that’s exactly what Dean Street resident David Bieda has in his front garden.

He proudly presented his latest harvest of fruit and told Diary that, thankfully, “only one apple was stolen this year by a young man who was at least 6ft 6ins tall!”

It seems people nicking his apples was a bit of an issue in the past – not an ideal situation, considering the unusual measures taken to grow the tree.

Mr Bieda with some apples collected from his tree

Mr Bieda revealed that the tree was planted in a hopper head at the top of a drainpipe going down through the basement into the earth below the house.

The tree is special to him for another reason – it helped him come top in a May the Best House Win contest a few years back. His restored Georgian townhouse was crowned top of the pile.

He told Diary: “I think it’s the most centrally located apple tree in London and it gives a lot of pleasure and smiles to our many visitors in Soho.”

Mr Bieda is even planning a Dean Street Apple Pie Party to spread the joy.

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