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They’re blocking four key streets in our neighbourhood

03 July, 2020

• I LIVE in St Peter’s ward and my neighbours and I were surprised to be told on June 23 that Islington Council would be blocking four key streets in the neighbourhood 10 days later.

There has been no consultation. This is strike first, ask questions later, and it has huge implications for people who live here.

The marketing of this is as “people friendly streets”, but the council clearly needs to learn the difference between reducing traffic and simply displacing traffic.

Even if you look at the cars already owned, just by the people living in the ward, the only thing that the council’s sketchy and rushed plan will achieve is to force these cars into long diversions through already choked streets.

This won’t mean fewer cars. It will mean more driving. I sense another form of transport in the council’s thinking. My neighbours and I are being railroaded.

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