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Theresa May’s deal is botched and she must go

04 January, 2019

Theresa May

• YOUR Comment (We must overturn Mrs May’s dictatorial denial of a debate, December 20) comes at the appropriate time in the whole sorry saga of Brexit.

I voted Brexit because, much as I love Europe, I deeply resented the lack of European Union democracy and accountability.

Yet we find ourselves having to deal with Theresa May who – having botched up the negotiations with the EU over our withdrawal – is now panicking into banning a debate over this very important issue.

Anyone who believes that the EU will negotiate in good faith only needs to have paid attention to French president Emmanuel Macron’s warning that the UK will be trapped in a customs union after Brexit unless Downing Street offers European fishermen full access to British waters during the coming trade negotiations.

If the UK sign up to May’s flawed deal we would be blackmailed into giving away everything we hold dear or find ourselves trapped into the EU, having to continue to pay exorbitant fees to them, without having a say.

May has turned out to be a disappointment in every possible way because she has insisted on doing a job she was grossly unqualified to handle. Her naïve attitude and lack of legal and business savvy have put the UK in jeopardy.

The EU have managed to con May into accepting a deal that would be so detrimental to the UK that even they seemed surprised and delighted to have got away with it. May has got to go and quickly before she destroys us all.

Sadly there is no Churchillian figure coming to the rescue, no one to guide us through the swamp of the EU’s machinations into a better future.

Talacre Road, NW5


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