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Theresa May can now deliberate over the break-up of the UK

17 February, 2017

• BECAUSE of Theresa May’s flirtation with American-style politics and economics (this lady being just the latest prime minister to have been bowled over by American charm), the UK has passed a bill in parliament which will go down in history as a covert and inexplicable renunciation of the 1948 legislation which enabled us to recover after World War II.

The passing of the act to trigger Brexit without amend merits would, in my view, foster the greatest decline in the UK way of life and perhaps even bring about the break-up of the union.

Mrs May now has full rein to deliberate over the whole of the UK’s demise.

Isn’t there one braveheart out there who would bring about an impeachment of our country’s ruling Tory party and cause the UK to return to its senses and to think again?



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