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There’s at least one cat on the continent called Brexit

04 April, 2019

• JAMES Pearson, Ronnie Scott’s jazz club musical director, declared in his introduction to a Brexit Evening at the club (organised in partnership with the Parisian jazz club Le Duc Des Lombards): “Brexit, a British tragedy: Xmas 2019 most likely to be without Brussels.”

Paris: It is apparent that having been in charge of the Brexit dossier has weighed heavily on the mind of Nathalie Loiseau, the former French foreign affairs minister – to the point she’s called her cat Brexit, as she confided to the Journal Du Dimanche. The question is why?

She said her cat’s hesitations remind her of the British MPs: “He wakes me up every morning with heart-wrenching miaows, as he wants to be let out. As I open the door, he sits undecided in the entrance, then, as I put him outside, he glances up at me with a real evil look on his face…”

Calling one’s cat Brexit might actually catch on in France as the name sounds quite cute to French ears. Psst, psst, Brexit, Brexit.



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