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There is a new dawn for Labour in London

07 March, 2019

• THE weekend saw the dawning of a new era for the Labour Party in the capital when at the regional conference the left took control of the London regional board.

In almost a clean sweep for the left, long-standing luminaries of the Labour Party centre/right such as Mike Katz (former Camden councillor), Linda Perks (former Unison London region secretary) and Len Duvall (London Assembly Member) were swept aside by supporters of the Labour Party leader, Jeremy Corbyn.

I attended the conference as part of the Unite delegation, a union that has been at the forefront among Labour-affiliated unions in their support for Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership of the party.

Such support is vital if workers are to secure the improvements they desperately need to their employment and trade union rights and an end to austerity – that can only be achieved through a Corbyn-led Labour government.

If a general election is called as a way of breaking the Brexit impasse we will/may soon have a Corbyn-led Labour government.

But in case this election doesn’t come soon the delegates voted for a resolution calling for London Labour to fight against local government austerity, to build an anti-cuts campaign of Labour councils, constituency Labour parties and community and tenants’ associations to raise awareness of the cuts and to win public support and active opposition against the cuts.

So no longer will we have Labour councils in London implementing Tory cuts. As one conference delegate remarked “the tide of change has reached London”.

Unite delegate to Holborn & St Pancras Labour Party


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