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There has been a failure to protect our heritage, Cllr Davis

02 March, 2018

Cllr Robert Davis

• FOLLOWING years of decisions in which Westminster borough heritage was destroyed and conservation area stipulations not adhered to, with the consent and acquiescence of the planning committee during his chairmanship, Cllr Robert Davis would repeatedly excuse his committee’s odd decisions by stating: Westminster Council is world renowned for heritage protection.

In truth that reputation, pre-established when Cllr Davis became planning committee chairman, was unwarranted while he was in post.

During his stewardship, there was a failure to protect, among others, the Hand & Racquet pub, the Victorian houses around Berwick Street Market, the dignified frontages of east Piccadilly… Cllr Davis is now cabinet member for business, culture and heritage.

Heritage! (Furore over list of gifts and hospitality, February 23). How does he not bring Westminster Council into disrepute?

Fitzrovia, W1


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